March 30:    Research Park Crit


Flyer for 2013 Research Park Crit We would have loved to put the Stazio Crit on again after how successful last year was. Unfortunately, weather did not cooperate for March 10th, and the 30th has a softball tournament. So we are going back to the Research Park on Saturday, March 30. It'll be nostalgic. Check out all the details below, and share the race flyer with everyone you know!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Be the race title sponsor, get added to our race flyer, get plenty of recognition to college students and athletes throughout Colorado! Donate cash and merchandise for prizes! Bring a table and tent and set up in our expo area all day! If you or your company are interested, have a look at our prospectus and contact us!


Pre-register for $30 on Pre-reg closes at Noon on Friday, March 29. Day-of registration is $35, and closes 40 minutes before each category's start. Juniors race free, collegiate categories are $21, and all other USAC categories are $30 in advance. Collegiate racers doing both RMCCC and USAC races, the second race is $15. But really, you should do Wyoming's TTT in the afternoon. All prizes are spread 3 deep.

Juniors 15-18 race free in your respective senior categories, but you will not be scored separately.

CategoryStart TimeLengthField LimitPrizes
Women C 8:00AM 10 min clinic + 20 min race 65 RMCCC Points
Men C 8:40AM 10 min clinic + 20 min race 100 RMCCC Points
Men B 9:20AM 40 min 100 RMCCC Points
Women B 10:10AM 10 min clinic + 30 min race 100 RMCCC Points
Men A 11:00AM 60 min 125 RMCCC Points
Women A 12:10PM 45 min 100 RMCCC Points
Kids Race 1:00PM 200 meters 50 Merch
Women 4 1:15PM 30 min 75 Merch
Juniors 10-14 1:15:30PM 3 laps 50 Merch
Men 35+ 1-2-3 1:55PM 60 min 125 Merch
Women 1-2-3 3:05PM 45 min 125 $250
($125 - $75 - $50)
Men Pro-1-2 4:00PM 60 min 125 $250
($125 - $75 - $50)
Men 3 5:10PM 40 min 125 Merch
Men 4-5 6:05PM 30 min 125 Merch

The Course

A flat mostly oval, about 1km long. There are a couple water bars to look out for, but the turns are super smooth, so it will be FAST. Just watch out for the water bars on the front side of the course.


Ride your bike! You can take the Boulder Creek Path and navigate south to Discovery Drive and Colorado Ave. It's where the shorttrack series used to be. If you opt to drive, take Foothills Parkway (157) to Colorado Ave, turn west, and Discovery drive will be the first road to the north. DO NOT park along the curb on Discovery Drive, there should be plenty of parking in our lots. Registration is by the Start/Finish. You can't miss it as you drive to the parking lot.

View the CU Reseach Park Crit in a larger map

Other Details

USAC Permit 2013-978. USAC licenses and BRAC memberships are required. USAC 1-Day licenses are $10, and BRAC 1-day memberships are $5. Medical support provided by the University of Colorado Boulder.

No timing chips will be used this year. As usual, there is a 15-minute protest period after results are posted (at the registration area). Prizes are final after that, and formal protests will have to take place through standard USAC channels up to 60 days following. Free laps till 8 laps to go, wheels in - wheels out.

We'd love to hear your comments about the race! Let us know your thoughts either at registration or by email.