The latest weather updates - Candelas is still ON.


9:30pm: Confirmed. We're still good to go tomorrow. Afternoon racers, be sure to check our Facebook / Twitter in case weather changes and we need to cut things short - we'll post it there from the race.


As of 5:45pm, we're looking like Candelas is still ON. We've been following the weather discussion from the National Weather Service here. (Full disclosure, I'm not a meteorologist but...) As of 3pm, their models are predicting a relatively dry night over Denver, with snowfall heading north to Ward and Larimer Counties, so Candelas shouldn't be hit too hard.

There's also an interesting cyclone of air over Denver that is expected to keep moisture out of the area through most of Saturday morning. We may get snow in the afternoon, but we'll be doing what we can to keep the roads safe. It will be cold though, so dress properly for it, and maybe run your tires at a little bit lower pressure.

The National Weather Service should have another update in a few hours, so we're looking on making the official call around 9 or 9:30 tonight (which sucks for the Men's and Women's C's racers, I know). If it's any solice, We'll be there at 5:30 setting things up.

Weather is still looking pretty reasonable for Stazio on Sunday. Stay tuned for more updates about Candelas though.

CU Race Weekend updates


All the most up-to-date info can be found on the race pages for Candelas on Saturday and Stazio on Sunday. Here are a few vital announcements we want you to know before our races this weekend:

            • First and foremost, our most up-to-date flyers are on this website - DIFFERENT from those on the BRAC website or the USAC website. Here are the most up-to-date ones.
            • Second, because of construction on 63rd near Arapahoe, there will be no parking from this entrance. Instead, take 55th to Central, and go east on Central to parking in the business park (past Upslope and Ozo).
            • Third, there will not be a $5 discount for doing both races, as was originally advertized. Instead, we're looking at bumping up the prize list for you. And if you don't win, well, that $5 is going towards funding scholarships, so you can be proud.
            • Fourth - we have the legend himself Dave Towle announcing for us on Sunday at Stazio - so the atmosphere's going to be great!
            • Finally - we're still in need of volunteers to stand around and be course marshals - especially in the mornings. You get free race entry, and potentially free food. Plus the honor of knowing that you're helping the Colorado racing scene andkeeping racers safe!. Email us if you or your friends are interested!
Flyer for 2014 Candelas Circuit Race Flyer for 2014 Stazio Crit

CU Road Race Weekend!


Saturday, March 22nd CU Cycling Club will be hosting a circuit race 12 miles south of the Boulder Campus at the 3.5 mile long Candelas Circuit Race course. Any net proceeds from the event will be used for funding scholarships for the club. In addition to the standard collegiate categories, this event will be open to select USAC categories. Racers will be challenged by a climb every lap while grabbing much needed recovery on the equally long downhill. Do you have what it takes to win? Bring your racing legs and find out!

CU will also be hosting the Stazio Criterium on Sunday, March 23rd for a full race weekend supporting your local Buffs. We look forward to seeing everyone out there! Follow us on twitter, facebook, and our homepage for more info as it becomes available. Online registration opens on Feb 15. If you have any questions feel free to contact Bill Golembieski at BillGolembieski (at) projectu23 (dot) com

Support the team in fashion!


The Special Edition Jersey, available now at the team store! Friends! Family! Alumni! General cycling enthusiasts!
The team's clothing sponsor, Panache Cyclewear, has opened an online store just for us! Team socks, fan t-shirts, and kits. They even have a sweet-looking special edition jersey! The best part is, a portion of the sales goes straight to our team, helping fund our travel for upcoming mountain bike nationals and the rest of the school year.

The Team Store

The store will only be open until the end of October, so head on over there now to pick up some stylish clothing. If your closet is full but you'd still like to donate to the team, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You can donate here.

Buffs going to the Beech


After an awesome season of racing the buffs are heading to Beech Mountain in Banner Elk, North Carolina for the 2013 MTB Nationals! Congratulations Sam Morisson for winning the RMC Conference for XC! Joining him on the Endurance National Team is Snowmass Race Director Jakub Valigura, long-time veteran Chris Baddick, Keith Omundson, and Sepp Kuss. Ashlee Wilson is the only one brave enough to compete in the omnium(all events). For the Gravity Team we have Bennett Colburn, Hannah Hall, James Ontiveros and Will Scharninghausen.

It's going to be a great weekend full of awesome and potential muddy racing. Weather predictions claim rain until Thursday up at Beech Mountain, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are forecasted to be partly cloudy and in the high 40's. This is right in line with the weather of the past few years at Nationals in Angel Fire - but with hopefully less snow.

Although we do not have much information about the courses, the Course Maps are available from USA Cycling. The riders will have a day of pre-riding to investigate the situation more fully. Good luck to all the riders! Bring back some Stars-n-Bars jerseys!

Buffs in Granby


Keith Omundson going for a podium in XC CU cycling headed up to Granby Ranch last week for another weekend of epic racing in Colorado’s high country. Most of the racers drove the 2 hour commute on Friday afternoon and were greeted with a gentle blanket of snow as they pitched their tents Friday evening. The fresh pow made for a very cold and muddy morning and resulted in a delay of the cross country race to let the course dry up a bit. Everyone waited in anticipation of the undoubtedly rowdy course conditions as the blue skies opened and the sun beat down on Granby Ranch, melting the fresh gnar.

After a quick warm up on the dry roads the whistle blew and the race began with a steep climb up a long fire road that forced most riders to run their bikes up the initial ascent. The Granby course featured a long twisty single-track climb to the summit of the ski hill followed by a smooth and flowy descent down the legendary “Silky J” downhill track. The first lap of the descent certainly tested the racers' bike handling skills as riders surfed down the muddy burms on their way back to the base of the mountain. The second lap of the course proved to be the most detrimental to many riders as the mud began to thicken in the sunshine and led to a long hike and traffic jam about half way up the climb. Mud fights broke out and a lot of teasing and laughing began as racers dragged their bikes as fast as they could through the thickening mud. This section of the course separated the “ladies form the WOMEN” as Ashley likes to put it, and led to many DNF’s due to either broken bikes or broken spirits. The course improved, however, for the third lap and many Buffs had some great finishes. Former buff and runner-up at the U23 national championships, Diedre York, certaintly wasn’t affected by the course conditions and finished 1st in the open category. Garrett Brown finished 5th in the Men’s B’s and Sepp Kuss took the win for the Men’s A’s followed by Sam Morrision (2nd), Keith Omundson! (4th), Bryan Horsley (6th), and Jakub Valigura (8th).

The Enduro Squad

Colorado School of Mines recently added an Enduro race to the Granby race weekend, which was a fun avenue for the downhill and endurance racers to go head-to-head down the long and pedal-y downhill course. The buffs had some intense rivalry, especially from Keith Omundson, who talked a lot of game before the race. Sam Morrision managed to squeak a victory over Keith however, finishing 5th in the Men’s B’s followed by Keith (6th) just 4 seconds behind. Our coach, Jason, even came out and raced! finishing 1st in the open category! (Disclaimer - out of 1, but still awesome)

Since all the teams camped together at the Granby race weekend, naturally the largest bonfire in the history of collegiate cycling was built along with a fire jump, which made for an exciting evening. Shout out to Brendan as well for bringing s’mores for everybody!

Everyone loves a good camp fire After a night of fun, some of the toughest athletes woke up bright and early for the short track race. The course was a short, muddy loop but the buffs managed to pull out some great finishes with Carl Sechrest winning the Men’s C’s, Donny Warbitron finishing 5th in the Men’s B’s, and Sam Morrison winning the Men’s A’s, followed by Keith Omundson (3rd), Jakub Valigura (6th), and Justing Noel (7th).

The downhill course was by far one of the most technical of the season, featuring a lengthy and steep rock garden and a couple large jumps leading down into a long fast section into the trees followed by switchbacks of jumps to the finish. The jump section was definitely a spectator favorite and made for a fun afternoon of watching the racers go huge and throw some crazy tricks. Andrew Beck had a great 2nd place finish in the Men’s B’s followed by Matthew Leonard with an awesome 5th place finish. Chase Pennoyer finished 10th in the Men’s A’s followed by Will Scharninghausen in 16th who threw a huge no-hander off the second jump!

Overall, Granby was an awesome weekend full of some great racing and finishes from the CU Buffs. Thanks to everyone for coming out and racing! See you next weekend!

More mud but big success at our race weekend in Snowmass


The CU Mountain Bike team found enormous success in hosting the Buffaloes in Snowmass mountain bike race last weekend in Snowmass Village. With short track and XC courses featuring a load of climbing and a world-class downhill course, racers eagerly took to these new parcours. CU not only sent a large number of riders up to its race, but also fielded 20 helpful volunteers to make it all happen. It was a huge excitement to be hosting our first race in a few years, and a huge shout out goes out to Jakub, our coach Jason, and all the volunteers for making it all happen.

Men's A's making short track hurt! Saturday morning brought around the Short Track race, featuring a steep, straight climb and a twisty and fun descent. In the men's C's, Carl Sechrist may have started out in the middle of the pack but dug deep to advance and finish in 4th. Keegan Sotebeer finished an admirable 5th in the men's B's, while Marta Heinz finished 10th as the sole women's B rider for CU. In the A's, Ashlee Wilson was again the only A rider in the women's race but performed well. However, the men's A race was a show of dominance from CU, as Sam Morrison, Chris Baddick, and Sepp Kuss broke away off the front for most of the race and stayed away. An FLC rider clawed his way up to the group, but CU still ended up taking 1st (Chris), 2nd (Sam), and 4th (Sepp) in a magnificent race.

That very same afternoon, the DH races took place. Although all of the races were intense and very exciting to watch, the DH races stole the show with its adrenaline-pumping excitement. While not overly technical, the world-class course was fast and flowy with great views and a couple drops and jumps that made for some entertaining viewing. Many of the CU downhillers spent the afternoon riding and practicing with the legendary Myles Rockwell. A huge thank you goes out to Myles for coming and helping everyone improve and have tons of fun. Spectators lined the track all the way down the mountain, not only cheering on the racers that cleaned the technical bits but also shouting encouragement to those that wiped out but picked themselves up and continued on. CU had two 1st place finishes from Chase Pennoyer in the Men’s C’s and Garrett Hammack in the Men’s B’s. Other notable performances included Matthew Leonard taking 5th in the Men's B's, Kevin Feeney-Mosier taking 9th in the A's, and our president Jess Bobeck taking 4th in the women's B's.

The volunteers get some scening road biking in with the Maroon Bells Following the downhill, several volunteers hopped on their road bikes for a beautiful climb up to the Maroon Bells - some good training and great bonding in some of the best scenery that the state has to offer. Hanging out in the condos with dinner was followed by an epic evening game of foot down in the Snowmass Villiage - all the schools were there, with nearly 100 riders participating! I've said this before and I'll say it again, it's awesome how competitive all the collegiate athletes are on course, and how much fun they can still have together afterwards. Collegiate cycling ROCKS!

Carl and Brenden have some of the course still on them after dealing with that brutal XC mud. While we were all having a great time, the feelings were not mutual with Mother Nature, and around 2 a.m. she started to send us our first drops of moisture. The Buffs showed their true colors as our legendary volunteers trekked onto the trails at 7am in frosty temperatures and intermittent rain to tape the course and marshal the race. (A big thank you to one of our volunteers, Leisa, for making us some amazing breakfast burritos!). By the time the 8 a.m. Cross Country started Saturday morning, the trails were well saturated and the Men’s B, C, and Women’s B race kicked off. Following a massive fire-road climb that split everyone apart, the single-track climbing became a matter of survival. Super slick with the thickest slop of peanut butter mud ever, few were able to ride. Hiking while pushing bikes became a problem too, as mud would build up on the tires and drive trains and soon stop rotating all together.

It took minutes to clean off the bikes for some semblance of traction before starting the decent (so much fun in spite of the conditions), before hitting some more laps. The brutal course forced 21 riders to DNF, but many from CU persisted for good finishes (barely recognizable through all the mud covering them. Sheamus Croke, Brendan Warren and Carl Sechrist came through 2nd, 5th and 6th in the men's C's, Keegan Sotebeer once again crushed to finish 4th in the Men's B's, and Sarah VanderMuelen managed 7th in the women's B's. And once again, CU dominated the men's A's with Sepp Kuss, Chris Baddick, and Sam Morrison taking 1-2-3 in that order. Additionally, Jakub Valigura, Bryan Horsley and Keith Omundson also finished in the top 10 for us. In reality though, in the midst of the sticky, bike clogging goo everywhere on course, anybody who finished their race was a winner.

It was an epic weekend of the funnest and muddiest racing ever. Volunteers, we can't thank you enough for your both your incredible help, and even better your tremeandous excitement about helping! Your willingness made everything so much better all around. Our Snowmass Village races were a massive success, and we're super excited to return to Snowmass next year!

Rain and Mud at Red Feather Lakes


"That's a fantastic Lean-To guys. Very impressive. Blocks the wind a bit too. But it's time to burn it."

High Water Level during for the XC creek crossings. Photo Courtesy of Carl. Despite how much it rained, or perhaps in spite of it, we had an epic weekend of racing Saturday and Sunday at Beaver Meadows Resort. CSU hosts their mountain bike race weekened there in Red Feather Lakes, CO every year, and this has definitely been the wettest it's ever been. While there was no shortage of mechanicals in what are known for being the most technical courses of the season, it was great to see some smiling new faces ready to race some mountain bikes. CU sent more than 30 eager riders to camp, roast marshmallows, and tackle the trails against the rest of the Rocky Mountain conference.

Morrison takes the short track win! Photo courtesy of Donny We kicked off Saturday morning with the Short Track race, which featured a short (but long enough) climb, a log pyramid, and some quick jumps on the descent. Though CU didn't have any Men's C or Women's B riders for this one, all the fields were pretty large - about 40 each for the Men's B's and Men's A's, and 15 Women's A's. Ashlee Wilson held her own as the sole CU Women A racer, and Dylan Fox persisted for a nice 6th as the top-placed CU Men's B rider. The Men's A's had some fireworks though. A crucial and fast start led to a lot of jockeying and alternating of positions. Last week's XC winner, Justin Noel, had a bad start, but clawed his way up to 9th. Meanwhile, Jakub Valigura had a great result finishing in 6th. Sam Morrison kept alternating the lead with FLC's Stephan Davoust, but Sam ultimately took the Men's A win - while rocking a CU tee shirt and baggy's. That left the majority of spectators asking, "Who was that guy?". Sam Morrison everybody.

CU hits the big drop! Photo courtesy of Donny After a long and rainy pre-ride of the XC course Saturday afternoon, the Downhill race began. The DH race at Red Feather is one of the most technical of the season and always a fun one to watch. Several big drops and jumps scatter the course, and the Rock Garden of Death just looked intimidating as a spectator, let alone a racer. CSU also threw in their "Fatty Patty" blow-up doll as an extra distraction. Of course the rock drop at the bottom of the course is a favorite spot to witness both the technical finesse and occasionally the most detrimental mistakes of the season for the gravity riders. The CU downhillers came out injury free with a notable 7th place finish from Kevin Feeney-Mosier in the Men's A's, and Brandon Potts taking 2nd in the Men's C's.

Rain came and went and came again that evening, which inspired an interesting construction project from some of the boys (a definitely over-engineered lean-to turned canopy, until we needed the wood for the fire). After dinner and a nighttime short track relay race, we all shared smores, jokes and stories around the campfire to end the night.

We woke up Sunday morning to sunshine and a newly saturated XC course - that creek was as high as ever with all of that rain. Despite the 8.5 mile loop of rough terrain that caused a shocking 26 riders to DNF, CU managed some great results. We had 5 top ten finishes in the Men's A cross country race from Sam Morrison, Justin Noel, Bryan Horsley, Keith Omundson, and Josh Gallen and a great 3rd place finish from Dylan Fox in the Men's B's. We also had some great new ladies show up to represent the Buff's at the race...though no one is really sure how Shelby Bossert finished the Women's B's practically untouched by mud. We hope to see some more join Shelby, Sarah and Ashley in the Women's B's in the next few weeks.

Of course, we got back to Boulder to find a few days of rain waiting for us. Hopefully the weather will be good for Crested Butte this weekend. At least good enough for more smores around a campfire!